SNACK GIRL Sweet Snack Product Finds
February 21, 2015

Carol Bard, small business owner and baker, has created a cookie for just 10 calories each! Made with almonds, flour, egg whites, sugar, and vanilla, these are a great solution for people who love cookies but want to eat less of them.
BettaSnax have the texture of biscotti but are thin like a chip. I liked dunking them in my afternoon coffee.
You can buy them at below or from BettaSnax


BettaSnax Original Biscotti – These crunchy, nutty cookie slices are great paired with coffee or tea! A 1-oz. serving (about 9 biscotti) has just 90 calories and 3g fat (PointsPlus® value 2*). If you’re buying online, we suggest going in on an order with some buddies, since each bundle includes 12 multi-serving bags. However, you can find them in some gourmet and natural-food stores!

BettaSnax Biscotti: The Delicious All-Natural and Low Calorie Treat!
Sheri Wetherell (FOODISTA)
January 25, 2015

You know that time between lunch and dinner when the snack craving kicks in? It’s usually sweet or salty things we reach for, adding unnecessary calories to our daily diet. Now we can reach for something sweet to satisfy that craving, yet not feel guilty! BettaSnax is an artisan bakery specializing in better snacks. Using only premium ingredients the bakery’s goal is to “fill the gap” – that tempting time between lunch and dinner – with healthier snacks.Their all-natural home baked biscotti slices contain only clean ingredients: flour, egg whites, cane sugar, almonds and vanilla extract. And, they contain no added fat, no cholesterol, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors! They’re modestly sweetened and each little cookie has just 10 calories, so when you reach for a few of these super crunchy cookies you won’t feel guilty! Enjoy these delicious cookies on their own, with coffee or tea, even with cheese and wine. My toddler loves them and I don’t have to worry about her getting hopped up on sugar!Learn more about BettaSnax and order your own supply from in a handy 12-pack!)Editorial disclosure: received no payment for this review. We simply love their product and feel good about supporting a family-run business.

January 14, 2015

Imagine your morning cup of coffee or tea, smoldering hot, with your favorite froth on it and then imagine, thin, wafer-like vanilla-almond flavored biscotti chips, loaded with almonds and crunch!

Goooooodddmmorrrnnniiinggg! If you love a seriously great crunch, but can do without the calories, it is time to start snacking with ‘BettaSnax‘. All natural ingredients and no added fat create biscotti chips that are as thin as a kettle chip, loaded with flavor, and only 10 calories per biscotti. The BettaSnax come in a resealable bag that keeps the cookies fresh and ready for your every craving!.

Each BettaSnax are made with all natural ingredients that are premium. The BettaSnax line consists of baked treats. You might want to know that the BettaSnax have no cholesterol, no added fats, no dairy products, and no artificial flavors! The cookies really pack a fresh crunch. Each cookie is thin, but thick enough to satisfy.

If you have ever had good kettle chips, replace them with these and you will feel more satisfied! The crunch allows you to feel like you are eating a lot and the calorie content is wonderful! These are perfect with wine, coffee, tea or cocoa. The cookies offer a great crunching sensation that will satisfy your pang for a sweet, crunchy flavor. I absolutely loved crunching these and the flavor was delicious! 2 thumbs up! Thanks to Carol for letting me try these! Yum:)