Top 5 Most Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

Pull-out kitchen faucets are really famous these days as it gives you the flexibility to adjust the length and flow of the water. But if our newly installed or even a decade old one starts giving problem then we do get hit by anxiety. For such a scenario, we have compiled a list below from which you will be able to understand few common problems that a faucet faces.

  • Water not getting hot properly

If you plan to change the faucet, then change the water heater at that time itself. If still there are problems with heating of the water then there might be issues with the thermostat, or heater.

  • Installation

We all love to do things by our own self. We hate calling the professional and choose to do an inexpensive task. And further to this, many of us dive into this without getting the proper knowledge or study. The best would be not to rush to the task. read the instructions carefully, watch tutorials and after doing an internet search give it a try. Even if all this does not help, call the customer support to ask the basic questions and you will be good to go.

Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

  • Leaks 

Leaks are of different types. From constant drips to the faucet being always wet. The most feasible option for us at this time is to get it replaced and install a new one, but no, before taking this decision there are few things that should be considered. First being, worn-out-O-ring that needs replacing.

The rings have a limited time span and instead of replacing the entire faucet it is best to replace this ring instead. Another possible reason could be some other part being worn out. For this, you can read the manual that came with the faucet to get it checked.

  • Drop in Water Pressure 

Is your water pressure dropping suddenly every time you turn on the faucet? If so, there are mineral deposits built up on the inside. You can take most faucets apart (if they’re of modern construction) to get rid of the lime-scale build-up. If the water where you live is very hard, it’s best to stay ahead in the game and do this chore on a monthly basis. An ounce of prevention pays off!

Of course it’s also possible that the water supply to your house could be at fault, but in this case, you’ll notice low pressure in other parts of your home beside the kitchen faucet. If this is the case, I’d advise you to cave in and bring in a plumber.

Drop in Water Pressure

  • Rust and Other Signs of Wear

If there has been rust accumulated on the faucet, then you need to be careful. Once the faucet starts getting rusty, chances are it will get even rustier. This will also impact your water quality. Other problems could be when spray heads and levers are hard to move.

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