How to Choose & Buy The Best Kitchen Faucet

In a kitchen, the use of a kitchen faucet is the maximum. It meets your everyday needs. From hand washing to tending kitchen-dishes, it has a variety of uses in the kitchen. For the same purpose, you can try and test a different combination of kitchen faucet as per your kitchen habits. Kitchen faucets come in a variety of handles, height, and the sprayer.

Thus, below is a compiled guide to assist you when shopping for a kitchen faucet.

  • Analysing the Current Situation of Kitchen Faucet

Before purchasing a new kitchen faucet or upgrading it to a new one, start with evaluating the current scenario of the sink. What is your plan? Is it to upgrade or with the sink that you have? If the plan is to work with the current sink, then one of the best things to do is to add more holes to the already existing ones.

However, if your plan is to upgrade from a sink mounted faucet to a wall mounted one then you might most probably need to hunt for a new sink as well.

  • Understanding Kitchen Faucet Features

Oftentimes, it gets difficult to choose the right faucet when there are too many options online. You need to understand what spout type and height you would need. For starters, how big the sink is will help you to formulate this decision. Another thing that you would want to understand is the number of handles required, along with spray volume control, filters and hands-free operations.

  • Which Arc is the Right Arc? 

For the best use of a kitchen faucet, it is really essential to know what will be the correct height. The too high faucet will look odd and maybe block the view of the behind wall, and a too low faucet will not be able to clean the utensils and deep pots nicely.

Go for a high arc one if you use large pots, however, if you have a window directly behind the sink then it would be better to look for an arc with just about 3-8 inches.

  • What Type of Sprayer Are You Looking for?

Sprayer varies from a pull down to pull out to side spray, which will help in rinsing, washing, and filling in the most comfortable and convenient way.

A side sprayer requires an extra hole and is mostly used an extra reach, while on the other hand, a pulldown sprayer is great to give you flexibility. Additionally, a pull-out sprayer can be used to pull it outwards, towards you, instead of pulling down.

Type of Sprayer Are You Looking for

  • Understanding Kitchen Faucet Styles

Now since you have understood the height and type of faucet you would want to go with it is better to understand what materials and style do you want in the faucet. If you’re looking for something long-term, then faucets made of solid brass with ceramic disc valves that control water flow is perfect for you. On the other hand, spouts with stainless steel hoses tend to not kink as much as others.

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