How to Choose & Buy The Best Kitchen Faucet

In a kitchen, the use of a kitchen faucet is the maximum. It meets your everyday needs. From hand washing to tending kitchen-dishes, it has a variety of uses in the kitchen. For the same purpose, you can try and test a different combination of kitchen faucet as per your kitchen habits. Kitchen faucets come in a variety of handles, height, and the sprayer.

Thus, below is a compiled guide to assist you when shopping for a kitchen faucet.

  • Analysing the Current Situation of Kitchen Faucet

Before purchasing a new kitchen faucet or upgrading it to a new one, start with evaluating the current scenario of the sink. What is your plan? Is it to upgrade or with the sink that you have? If the plan is to work with the current sink, then one of the best things to do is to add more holes to the already existing ones.

However, if your plan is to upgrade from a sink mounted faucet to a wall mounted one then you might most probably need to hunt for a new sink as well.

  • Understanding Kitchen Faucet Features

Oftentimes, it gets difficult to choose the right faucet when there are too many options online. You need to understand what spout type and height you would need. For starters, how big the sink is will help you to formulate this decision. Another thing that you would want to understand is the number of handles required, along with spray volume control, filters and hands-free operations.

  • Which Arc is the Right Arc? 

For the best use of a kitchen faucet, it is really essential to know what will be the correct height. The too high faucet will look odd and maybe block the view of the behind wall, and a too low faucet will not be able to clean the utensils and deep pots nicely.

Go for a high arc one if you use large pots, however, if you have a window directly behind the sink then it would be better to look for an arc with just about 3-8 inches.

  • What Type of Sprayer Are You Looking for?

Sprayer varies from a pull down to pull out to side spray, which will help in rinsing, washing, and filling in the most comfortable and convenient way.

A side sprayer requires an extra hole and is mostly used an extra reach, while on the other hand, a pulldown sprayer is great to give you flexibility. Additionally, a pull-out sprayer can be used to pull it outwards, towards you, instead of pulling down.

Type of Sprayer Are You Looking for

  • Understanding Kitchen Faucet Styles

Now since you have understood the height and type of faucet you would want to go with it is better to understand what materials and style do you want in the faucet. If you’re looking for something long-term, then faucets made of solid brass with ceramic disc valves that control water flow is perfect for you. On the other hand, spouts with stainless steel hoses tend to not kink as much as others.

Top 5 Most Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

Pull-out kitchen faucets are really famous these days as it gives you the flexibility to adjust the length and flow of the water. But if our newly installed or even a decade old one starts giving problem then we do get hit by anxiety. For such a scenario, we have compiled a list below from which you will be able to understand few common problems that a faucet faces.

  • Water not getting hot properly

If you plan to change the faucet, then change the water heater at that time itself. If still there are problems with heating of the water then there might be issues with the thermostat, or heater.

  • Installation

We all love to do things by our own self. We hate calling the professional and choose to do an inexpensive task. And further to this, many of us dive into this without getting the proper knowledge or study. The best would be not to rush to the task. read the instructions carefully, watch tutorials and after doing an internet search give it a try. Even if all this does not help, call the customer support to ask the basic questions and you will be good to go.

Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

  • Leaks 

Leaks are of different types. From constant drips to the faucet being always wet. The most feasible option for us at this time is to get it replaced and install a new one, but no, before taking this decision there are few things that should be considered. First being, worn-out-O-ring that needs replacing.

The rings have a limited time span and instead of replacing the entire faucet it is best to replace this ring instead. Another possible reason could be some other part being worn out. For this, you can read the manual that came with the faucet to get it checked.

  • Drop in Water Pressure 

Is your water pressure dropping suddenly every time you turn on the faucet? If so, there are mineral deposits built up on the inside. You can take most faucets apart (if they’re of modern construction) to get rid of the lime-scale build-up. If the water where you live is very hard, it’s best to stay ahead in the game and do this chore on a monthly basis. An ounce of prevention pays off!

Of course it’s also possible that the water supply to your house could be at fault, but in this case, you’ll notice low pressure in other parts of your home beside the kitchen faucet. If this is the case, I’d advise you to cave in and bring in a plumber.

Drop in Water Pressure

  • Rust and Other Signs of Wear

If there has been rust accumulated on the faucet, then you need to be careful. Once the faucet starts getting rusty, chances are it will get even rustier. This will also impact your water quality. Other problems could be when spray heads and levers are hard to move.

Swivel Bar Stools

Swivel Bar Stools Make Some Awesome Seating

There are many things that a person needs to figure out while thinking of buying new furniture. Furniture can add a certain degree of sophistication and decor to anyone’s home especially the kitchen. Although for many homes you can decorate room to room, some people, however, like to buy furniture that matches the whole theme of their home.

The kitchen is a very important place in any household and can have special types of furniture such as chairs, counters, a dining table or even an island. Recently, many people have started to add stools to their kitchen and other rooms in their home. Because bar stools have suddenly started to become so popular, many people have started to use them at their kitchen’s and home bars.

From the Bar to the Kitchen

They were first introduced in local bars as the bar counters were quite high. The height of the counter at a bar called for an extra high piece of furniture to sit in. This help gives rise to counter height bar stools.

They come in many different styles and swivel bar stools are one of them. They are made from different materials giving you a variety to choose from. Different manufacturers offer different customizable options making it easy for you to have your bar stools easily customized. They come in a variety of colors, materials, sizes and even shapes letting you pick the seat that’s just right for you and your kitchen.

Bar Stools Can be Expensive

These are hard and tough economic times and everyone is looking for a discount. Many people are facing the hard realities of life and are unable to buy expensive things. The best way to avoid buying expensive stools is to do some research.

One of the best ways to get a good price on swivel stools is by looking at stores online that offer a wide variety of stools. There are many online websites that provide extensive knowledge about the prices of stools.

People Prefer Bar Stools Over Chairs

They come in many different designs and provide a trendier look than chairs. Chairs have become an older and outdated option and many people have shifted towards using stools as an alternative type of seating. There are many things that play an important role while you are looking to buy bar stools.

The height of the counter that the stools would be seated against is one very important thing to know. If you buy a stool that is too short or too high compared to the counter not only will the stool look odd at a counter it does not fit it, they will also not be comfortable to sit in and use at that counter?

Customizable options provide you with many options and you can order stools according to the height and space of your counter and the kitchen.

Swivel bar stools have become popular because they provide comfort and take less space than the contemporary chairs. A kitchen serves as the heart of any gathering for your family and friends. These stools will also provide you with a lot of space as they don’t take as much space as chairs.

FaceOFF: Pull Out Vs Pull Down Kitchen faucet

Buying a Kitchen Faucet can be a pretty confusing task and even more so when you are faced with the choice of a Pull Out Kitchen Faucet and a Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. Both faucets look almost identical, so what is the difference between them? Which one would be a better choice? There are many factors to consider when choosing from these two faucets.

You can check here all the pros and cons of both the faucets and then decide which one is more suitable for your needs:

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull Out Kitchen Faucet


It provides you with a not so high arc but you get a longer hose which you can pull towards yourself. This faucet makes it easier to fill up big buckets and pots and is extremely helpful if you have a small sink because it comes with a small spout. But its long hose will make sure that you are still able to clean your dishes outside your small sink.

Due to its flexible neck, there are fewer chances of water splash too. So if you are looking for a faucet which can fit in the small sink and still clean your dishes without causing a mess, then Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is the one for you.


Although it has many pros in its favor, it comes with a major drawback. You can’t fill tall pots and tumblers using this faucet and sometimes the faucet grip could be uncomfortable which could make it difficult for you to use the faucet every day.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet


This type of faucets come with a high arc spout which can easily help you in filling large pots and pans and are extremely helpful if you have a big and a deep sink. With its high arc spout, you can reach long ranges to clean your dishes with considerable ease and with multiple spray options, you can choose the desired setting for rinsing or filling your dishes.

Another benefit of this faucet is that it comes with an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to hold this faucet and its long hose help in cleaning in a set direction and won’t change the direction every second.


One major drawback of this faucet is that since it comes with a long height if you don’t have enough space above your kitchen then using this faucet could pose a problem. Another serious flaw in this faucet is that due to its high arc spout, chances are that the water might be prone to lose pressure when you turn on the faucet.

Since it is higher, it is more likely that it would create a water splash, unlike the Pull Out Kitchen faucet which produced the least amount of mess.

Which faucet will be perfect for you?

Now that you have read all the pros and cons of both the faucets, you can decide based on the size of your sink and kitchen space and usage that which faucet will be better for you. There is no perfect faucet, there is only the one which suits your needs better. Please share your suggestions here about your views on this so that we can improve.