How to Brew Filter Coffee

A lot of people prefer having a filter coffee over a normal one. Why? Because filter coffee ensures that your coffee is not full of unwanted oils and helps in passing more flavor to your coffee. Now, it might seem like a time-consuming task in the morning to make sure if you have a perfectly brewed coffee or not, and that is where a filter coffee comes in. A filter coffee will take care of the taste and save your time at the same time. If filter coffee is a little too cumbersome for you then you might like a french press coffee maker as a better option.

So how do you make a Filter Coffee? It is actually pretty simple, just follow the mentioned steps and make your perfect Filter Coffee today in just a few minutes.

1)Fill your coffee machine with the water.

The first and foremost step would be to fill your machine’s water tank with the amount of water you want for brewing. Don’t fully fill it otherwise it would keep on brewing until all the water has been used.

Also make sure that you use clean, distilled water which doesn’t give any off flavor to your coffee or contains any minerals which might stick up to the machine’s interior as it can make it difficult to clean the machine.

2)Attach the coffee filter

Now use the coffee filter which came with the machine. Your machine might be using a paper filter or a metal/plastic filter. Make sure that if it uses a paper filter, that you use a large enough paper to cover the whole pot. If it uses a metal or plastic filter, make sure you clean it before every brew.

3)Weigh your coffee

Now grind your coffee to medium or medium-fine and measure out the ground coffee before adding it. Grinding the coffee immediately before brewing ensures that the coffee flavors and oils don’t get lost due to oxygen and light. Take 1 heaping tbsp of ground coffee for every 5 ounces of water. You can adjust the ratio according to how strong you want your coffee to be. Once you have decided the ratio, place the ground coffee in the filter.

Make sure that you store your ground coffee in a dark, airtight place to save its flavor and aroma from evaporating.

4)Ready your coffee machine

Check that your machine is plugged and ready to go at any decided time. Make sure that the ground coffee and water are already in the machine and that the empty carafe is on the burner plate. Ensure that your machine is clean and dry.

5)Start your coffee machine

Time to turn on your coffee machine and start the brewing. If your machine has a one push feature, then all you need to do is push the button and it will start brewing your coffee. But if your machine allows more customizations, then you would need to set the time, water amount, coffee strength, etc. for it to start brewing.

6)Wash up everything

Once your coffee is ready, pour it out into a cup and clean your filters and machine thoroughly so that it doesn’t rust or cause you any health issues. Once you are done with your coffee, rinse your cup so that it doesn’t gather mold and remains clean for the next use.