About Us

Bettasnax is a family owned and operated business that bakes high quality gourmet snacks.

The owners of Bettasnax are passionate about feeding their family homemade baked treats, that are made with all natural ingredients, and a great deal of love. After many fruitless attempts at finding easily available healthy snacks that are delicious, easy to eat on the go, and free of artificial flavors and preservatives, they began baking homemade snacks for their family to enjoy. Before long, the kitchen was filled with delicious smells familiar from their childhood, from recipes passed down from generation to generation. The recipes lovingly made by Grandmothers and Mothers, were now being passed on to the next generation of family and friends. Bettasnax was born.

Bettasnax biscotti are authentic homemade treats that contain premium and natural ingredients, which are carefully selected to maintain the highest quality. All products are free of preservatives, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, and added fats.

Bettasnax are snacks that are ordinary enough to place in a lunchbag, and sophisticated enough to enjoy with a morning latte, cheese and wine, and a creamy gelato.

Bettasnax has transformed the everyday snack, into the exceptional experience, for our family. We hope to do the same for yours’.